How to


We wanted to make Flikflix simple and fun. So, we began with something we all have in common, a favorite Actor. Let's start there.


It couldn't be any simpler. Just pick your favorite Actor. Well, maybe one. Once you've find them, tap. Then, we'll serve you their movies to Flik (rate).


Once you've selected a favorite Actor, it's time to view their best movies (not all of their movies, just the best). As you Flik (or rate) movies Flikflix will help you to discover the ones you haven't seen. It also improves the Flikflix algorithm and suggestions for our community.


When you've finished Fliking, you'll be taken to your the best movies that you haven't seen. Something we call, streamworthy. This is where all of the unseen, best movies from your favorite Actors live. Tap on a movie poster to get more details.


Flikflix not only helps you to discover the best movies you've never seen, it also shows you which video services you can play them on: iTunes, Netflix, Amazon and more. One tap, and you're watching the movie on your favorite video service.

iOS features


The best casting call ever on an iPhone. As you Flik your an Actor's movies, Flikflix will make a casting call behind the scenes with their co-stars. Get ready, you're about to take your pick from your choice of Hollywood's greatest talent.

Feeling lucky? We'll make your day. We know what you're thinking. Sometimes you're in the mood to watch a particular Actor's movie. With Flikflix, just choose a Favorite Actor and view the movies you haven't seen. You, can even use the Flik filter to find a movie you loved to enjoy it again.

Filters more impactful than a stocking over a film camera's lens. Want to know which of the best movies you've never seen are available on Netflix, iTunes, or a number of other video services? Simply tap on the "Providers" filter and in seconds you've got a full list to choose from. You can even segment by genre, years and even MPAA ratings (G, PG, PG-13 and R).



Movies are created to be a shared experience. With Flikflix Matchmaker you’ll spend less time searching for movies you'll all love, and more time enjoying them.


Flikflix Matchmaker is the fastest way on the planet to discover the best movies you and those watching with you have never seen, together. Tap to send an invite for them to connect via AirDrop, email, or message. Yep, one tap and you're a maverick.


What if you run out of movies to watch together? No problem. Simply tap to Flik more and Flikflix will show your friend’s favorite Actors to you. It will show them, your favorite Actors. Each of you chooses the Actors you really like, Flik their best movies and you’ll have plenty to watch in a minute or so.