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April 2, 2020

Flikflix pledges 100% of revenue from 
“The Invisible Man,” “Emma.,” and other movies, until theaters reopen.

Dana Point, CA - April 2, 2020. Flikflix today announced its commitment to theater owners and their staff with the “Flikflix Gives” campaign.  

“Theaters are just one example of how this nation’s businesses have lost an opportunity to earn income.” said Bill Denk, Flikflix CEO and Founder. “Fortunately, our small, bootstrapped startup can still remain open during a shelter-in-place. But, we wanted to do more. Our friends in healthcare and essential businesses are putting their lives on the line every single day. We can’t match that. But the ‘Flikflix Gives’ initiative provides us with the ability to give to those in need while people are being entertained.”

Video services with “Flikflix Gives” written on the video service’s button lets people know that Flikflix will dedicate 100% of its affiliate revenue for Home Premieres — and 70% for all other shows that aren’t Home Premieres. 

Flikflix is a free download on the Apple App Store. Through its Tinder-simple interface the app recommends content that people will enjoy on video services they already have. People can also search for a show, and learn where it's streaming. 

When people see "Flikflix Gives" on the video service’s button and tap to rent or purchase, Flikflix will dedicate the affiliate revenue received to assist theaters.  

“We believe it’s a win for everyone." said Denk. "The consumer pays no more for a rental or purchase (and gets a much needed entertainment break). The video services and studios get paid as they normally would. We’re simply giving our portion of revenue to theaters and staff who are currently out of the revenue loop.” 

How much can Flikflix give? Denk said, “It depends upon the number of people renting and purchasing. But, here are those numbers. For a ‘Home Premiere’ we receive $1.35 affiliate income (from the $19.99 rental). We’re giving the full $1.35. All other rentals and purchases will range from $0.30 up to $1.00. It all depends upon the price paid.”

Flikflix Gives begins today and continues until U.S. theaters reopen.

About Flikflix

Flikflix has reinvented how people discover movies they'll love from the popular video services they already use, through its revolutionary, patented media recommendation engine. The app is available for free in the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV.

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