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October 28, 2019

200 Million U.S. Subscribers of Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Prime, and more get an early Halloween Treat from Flikflix.

Dana Point, CA - October 29, 2019. Flikflix today unveiled an all-new app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV that finds the best content for Subscribers on the Popular Video Services they already use. 

"Since the beginning, Flikflix has been obsessed with helping people to find the movies made for them," said Bill Denk, CEO of Flikflix. "Today, Flikflix Dynamic Collections™ assist the 200+ Million Subscribers in the U.S. who want to make the most of their existing subscriptions. As always, at its core, Flikflix recommendations are driven by the person who knows you best: You."

The ease of rating (or Fliking) movies through Flikflix's intuitive Tinder-like interface, is made exponentially better with Dynamic Collections™ which provides Subscribers with automatically generated unique and personal collections of movies that fit them best, for each of their Video Services. 

With Flikflix® Dynamic Collections™, Subscribers get personalized recommendations for all of the amazing content on their current Video Services that fit them best.

"One of the most unique things about the Flikflix eco-system is that unlike Video Services, Flikflix isn't siloed," said Denk. "For example, it's been said the Netflix algorithm sets the standard for all to follow. As great as it is, when a Subscriber goes outside of the Netflix environment to one of their competitors like Hulu, Prime or HBO, the Netflix algorithm has zero insight. This zero-insight rule also affects all other Services when the Subscriber watches shows on one of their competitors."

The patented Flikflix system sits above all Services so that every time a single movie is Fliked, suggestions improve for every one of the Subscribers Video Services. 

In addition, Flikflix eliminates the work that most people experience when trying to find the right content through a new Video Service. For most Services, a Free Trial "cold-start" is where they see the most churn. Flikflix Provider Previews™ through Dynamic Collections™ will reduce churn dramatically.

Flikflix remains committed to helping Subscribers find great content that fits them on their favorite Video Services, leading to faster onboarding, less frustration and significantly reduced churn. 

Other features of the all-new Flikflix app include:

  • Provider Previews
  • Flikflix Suggestions
  • Spotlight Stories
  • Enhanced Search
  • Expanded Movie Details
  • New Artist Details
  • Matchmaker
  • Watchlist
  • Enhanced Web-sharing

About Flikflix

Flikflix has reinvented how people discover movies they'll love from the popular video services they already use, through its revolutionary, patented media recommendation engine. The app is available for free in the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV.

Media Contact:

Bill Denk

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